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Best of 2017

Looking back on the year 2017, I realize how it was filled with wonderful assignments that were in fact mainly music related. There was the shoot for musician Florian Luig on top of the famous bunker in the middle of Hamburg where an incredible morning mist set an almost unreal background.


Then another very-early-morning shoot for Hanni Schäfer and her project VLUDE with some of my favorite portrait shots so far.



I also got to take pictures of the band AYU at Lunatic Festival (Lüneburg, Germany).


Then there was the surprising feature in National Geographic Traveler that used one of my Finnish Lapland photos to cover an entire page.


Lastly there were a couple video projects that I really enjoyed. Those were studio live videos of very different musical styles. Quite a bit of jazz with the amazing contemporary jazz band Tubes & Wires lead by Niels Klein, another jazz quartet around Christian Frentzen and some behind-the-scenes footage for my friends at Grammophon Jazzband.


On the other spectrum was pop music by Ben Galliers and the upcoming single video for the Cologne-based band Schlagsaite (super excited to share!).



Christmas Session

Today I’m sharing two shots from a pre-christmas session last December. It’s been definitely one of the sportier shootings, running & jumping through the apartment. FUN! :)

pablo_web-8 pablo_web-11 pablo_web-14 pablo_web-16 pablo_web-1 pablo-web-4


Shooting Dan Presencer

Here are some of the shots of Dan Presencer, a Copenhagen-based singer/songwriter, which were used for his recently released self-titled first EP. Check it out on facebook.


Shooting Sif Jacobsen aka Lilac’s Daughter


Portrait in Hamburg, Germany

My good friend and fellow musician Felix Hoffmann called me up a couple weeks ago and booked me for a portrait session. Beside my residence of choice, Copenhagen, my 2nd most visited city is Hamburg, because that’s where my band Last Bird has its home base. I decided to go all natural and only bring my 5D II and a 50mm 1.8 lens. It was a cloudy afternoon, about an hour before sunset, so I didn’t need to worry too much about unpleasant sunlight or shadows. Here are my favorite shots. Check out the portrait gallery for more pictures of that session.

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