Norwegian Sunrise – The story behind the photo

Over New Years 2009/2010, I went on a trip to Norway with some friends. We stayed in a remote area near Nissedal and everything around our little cabins looked beautiful. There was a big lake right next to the street, snowy mountains in every direction and tons of snow. I knew that, with good light, this would be an amazing place to take pictures.

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The Start

With this website, Tiny Fox Photography is officially born. In the last 10 years, I have taken thousands of pictures – first only privately, later more and more professionally. This is the place where a fine selection of them all can be seen. But even more importantly, this will be the place where my business and clients meet. Feel free to browse through these pages to get to know me and my work and don’t shy away from contacting me with any question or job request you might have.

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