Shooting Sif Jacobsen aka Lilac’s Daughter

Portrait in Hamburg, Germany

My good friend and fellow musician Felix Hoffmann called me up a couple weeks ago and booked me for a portrait session. Beside my residence of choice, Copenhagen, my 2nd most visited city is Hamburg, because that’s where my band Last Bird has its home base. I decided to go all natural and only bring my 5D II and a 50mm 1.8 lens. It was a cloudy afternoon, about an hour before sunset, so I didn’t need to worry too much about unpleasant sunlight or shadows. Here are my favorite shots. Check out the portrait gallery for more pictures of that session.

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Amager Strand Sunrise

These images were taken during a sunrise walk on Amager Strand, Copenhagen last October. I used a quite long exposure time (over 1 minute) for the first picture, in order to bring out the subtle but beautiful colorization in the sky and ocean. The second picture was taken when the sun was already above the horizon (to camera right). 1/15 of a second shows enough movement in the water to create a little more dynamic. The last picture needed a horizontal ND-grad-filter (virtually applied in LR) to balance the huge dynamic difference in exposure that the, now stronger, sunlight created.

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Low key product shots

As photographers we are bound to love light and its way of unfolding onto objects. There is hard light, soft light and all kinds in between, color temperature, highlight and shadows… and we can make use of all of them, when taking a photograph. Light has the power to make an object (or person) look very aesthetic and interesting. Unfortunately, it can make things look unappealing and ugly, too.

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Eversense 2.0 uses Norwegian Sunrise

On this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the company Allure Energy introduced their new device Eversense 2.0. I felt flattered when they approached me to use my picture ‘Norwegian Sunrise’ as the default background image for the device and for all of its marketing material. Here’s an excerpt from their website explaining what Eversense is:

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