Here are some facts to help you get to know me a little better. Click on the links in the right sidebar, to read more about my clients & references and the services I offer.

My Photography
  • Founded Tiny Fox Photography in 2013
  • Love photography, because it is a great excuse to spend time with the world and explore its beauty
  • Learned in the ‘analog age’ and still love it, despite its inconveniences
  • Shoot digital, and use post-processing in the most helpful & subtle way
My Music
  • Guitarist, singer & songwriter, performing solo internationally (www.ingostahl.com)
  • Lead singer and guitarist at Last Bird (www.lastbirdmusic.com)
  • Hate listening to music through crappy (laptop) speakers
What else?
  • Love pancakes, early mornings & traveling
  • Based in Copenhagen, Denmark