Olympic National Park

This year, I spent a full month in the US traveling through Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and California. One of many highlights of the trip was Olympic National Park and its vast landscape and beauty. Not all of the pictures made it into my portfolio, so for everyone interested in seeing a little more, here are my favorite shots.


This was our view from the Faireholme Campground at Lake Crescent. We took the canoe out on the lake and it was tougher than I thought coming back against the wind. Breathtaking nature at its best.

The next morning we drove up Hurricane Ridge Road and passing by 7000ft high mountains on both sides.

We were lucky with our rental car, by the way!  I was looking up prices for convertible Mustang’s before and, after being confronted with the actual prices, decided to go with a regular ‘economy class’ car. We were incredibly lucky though, since this was a free upgrade! The car we initially were supposed to take turned out to have a broken window and this was the only other car available at the location. It definitely enhanced the experience of driving these curvy roads up the mountains…



Another view on the dense forest stretching out into what feels like forever.

When you arrive at the almost 6000ft high parking lot you have a gorgeous 360° view of the mountain panorama. This picture shows a glacier on the neighboring mountain top.
Incredible colors and really beautiful light convinced me to carry my full camera backpack with tripod attached for our 2 hour hike.

This is a panorama composed from 13 shots. Its original dimensions are 14823 x 4773 pixels. Click on the picture to see it larger.